Advanced Marketing – Essay Example

The core strategy of all business relies on marketing of its products and services that facilitates in meeting the changing requirements of people. Hence, marketers adopt various channels of creating awareness about the products amongst the people and prospective customers. At the same time, identifying the target customers and anticipating their changing requirements are two of the most important techniques that must be taken into consideration while formulating the strategy (Kotler & Keller, 2009). Thus, companies are increasingly using mail questionnaires, telephone interviews and personal interviews as sampling tools to anticipate the changing trends in the markets about products and services. The main advantages of these tools are as follows:
Mail questionnaire
Internet has greatly facilitated communication with the vast database of prospective customers on the cyber space. Response from normal mail questionnaire is slow hence, e-Mail questionnaires which have faster response rate have gained considerable popularity in reaching out to a huge customer base who may be unwilling to give interviews.
Telephone interview
The telephone interviews are convenient and fast. The interviewer is also able to clarify respondents’ doubts, thus creating trust and confidence amongst the respondents.
Personal interview
The personal interviews have still remained the most effective tools of sampling because it provides the interviewer with huge scope to gather more information through more circumstantial questions and observations which are indicative of the style and status of the respondent. It also gives advantage to the interviewer to tap wider areas of interests which the marketers can exploit. (words: 251)
Kotler, Philips and Keller, Kevin Lane. (2009). Marketing Management. Prentice Hall.