Affirmative Action – Essay Example

Affirmative Action Short Summary In the article, the mentions about certain vital national issues which are eternal and serious. The implementation of affirmative action program and its circumference is in question. The author argues that as it is quite common in third generation Jews, Hispanic or Asians in United States to speak only English, similarly the nation should not expect these people to show their ethnic perspectives. The affirmative action plan running throughout the nation should be revised and hence the economic strata of the beneficiaries should be taken into reconsideration.
The other major point of contention in the essay lies at the fact that though in the distant past the myriad races residing in United States encountered various discriminations but somehow these ethnics groups have emerged out to be successful citizens through the passing of years. Now the implementation of affirmative action programs, in the name of giving privilege, is mere political gimmick and a relentless subtle attempt to continue the racial discrimination. The last point of the essay is the most vital. In a true vain, the author argues that if America has to bank upon its ideals of equality and fraternity then U. S. A has to accept the spirit of multiculturalism. America ought to accept and understand that the citizens who have contributed equally in the development of the nation are supposed to learn about the history of America along with the great story of the institutions and the ideals that have framed the nation should be given importance rather than their ancestral history and language or culture.
Critical Response
The reading is beautifully woven with short sentences and easy to apprehend. The write - up is supported by numerous examples and logic which makes the point of contention put forwarded by the author perfectly. The examples not only act as an eye-opener but it is also suggestive of the fact that the reading is well researched.
Every reading is successful when there is enough space for criticisms in it. This reading is also not an exception in this regard. The reading seemed to be sometimes very stringent and biased with the affirmative action programs and the clubbing of all the beneficiaries as economically stable is also not correct. This is the only point where the reading can be disliked. Apart from this, the reading is quite helpful in understanding the present scenario and issues of cultural diversity sand the problem of a multicultural society.
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