Alternative Health Paradigms – Essay Example

Addressing the Problem The target cultural group for this analysis was native Hawaiian women. The health problem was the low participation rates of these women in breast cancer screening.
The enablers for this activity were proper exercise and physical activity at 3 months, continued breastfeeding to be encouraged, partner support, the desire to feel better, the baby being older, the baby and mom being healthier, the baby and mom being more active, more time available, child care issues resolved, environmental issues resolved, policy and organizational barriers resolved, and intrapersonal and interpersonal barriers resolved.
The nurturers for this activity were the respect for life, respect for the environment, advocates, practice, promotion, lifestyle, nature, respect of the human body, self-reliance, availability and adherence to resources to help the mom and baby, empowerment, education, healing, regeneration, culture, protection, support, activity, fellowship, campaigns, policy changes, enhancement, and a caring nature.
Several things must be addressed in order for the aforementioned practices to be put into place. First of all, these factors are increased in women who have children. Secondly, they are increased in women who have a deep care for the world and for themselves. The greater the amount of resources available to a woman, the higher her chances is for both initial detection of breast cancer and overall survival. Therefore, it is essential that as many resources as possible be put into place in communities throughout the world.
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