Answer Question – Essay Example

How does Hamlet test the ghost’s information? Hamlet is a wise yet subtle man who knows how to use disguise and pretense to his advantage. Although he already has suspicions about the death of his father and the sudden closeness of his mother Gertrude with his uncle Claudius, he did not show it. He silently observed the people and the way things were conducted in Denmark. His suspicions were heightened with the appearnce of his father’s ghost.
In order to validate the ghost’s report about the murder of his father by Claudius, Hamlet directed the actors in the play that would be presented in the court’s banquet. He told the actors to enact a murder in the garden, a plot he created based on the report of the ghost. While the play was being performed, he carefully observed Claudius and Gertrude’s reaction. True enough, the criminal reacted violently proving the ghost’s story to be true.
How would Claudius benefit twice by Laerters killing Hamlet?
Hamlet is a pain in the neck and an obstacle to the plans of Claudius. Being the son of the king, Hamlet is an heir to the throne. He also comes between the relationship of Claudius and Gertrude for Hamlet did not approve of their union. Moreover, Claudius sensed that Hamlet suspected him and his motives.
There is no other better way to solve the problem but to eliminate Hamlet. Cladius wanted it to appear like an accident to avoid further suspicions about his motives and his character. By letting Laertes kill Hamlet, Claudius could freely gain Gertrude, the throne and all the privileges and power that come along with it.