Application Essay – Essay Example

Application Essay Nursing is a career which is very close to my heart. I aspire to make a of my own in this field as I believe it offers me a career which is filled with the responsibility of giving to humanity. Since I am one of those persons who can devote a lot of time and attention to the needy, I am very qualified to be a part of this profession. This is the primary reason why I am planning to complete my Masters degree from St. Paul’s School as I know that the school is the benchmark for quality and has a class of its own. I wish to have a career which can instill in me a sense of confidence to serve the ones who are in dire need to get better and be back on their feet. This Masters degree will help the society immensely as I wish to dedicate my life for the betterment of one and all, just about everybody. My future plans and aspirations depend a great deal on the manner in which I attain this Masters degree and hence become a part of the nursing fraternity, which I opine is one of the most cherished ones for the individuals of my age bracket. I would request the authorities at the helm of affairs to consider my case as I qualify for the same. I have a responsibility to fulfill with regards to the society and once I have this Masters degree under my belt, my future will be secure.