Argumentative Essay – Essay Example

Does Religion Cause War? Contrary to the belief of most people, religion is seldom the cause of any war. While there may be wars that are fought foror against certain religions, it all comes down to someone else’s intolerance for a religion that is unlike theirs, or for their dislike of religions in general. For example, Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust. The war that he brought upon Germany and other neighboring countries had almost nothing to do with Judaism itself, but rather Hitler’s intolerance for anyone who was not of the Christian faith. Judaism did not cause the war that came with the Holocaust, but Hitler’s inability to see the equality between every religion besides his own. Religious groups are often the target and the victim for war, especially where ethnicity is concerned, but it is not the religion itself that brings about war.
As with any war fought for any reason, the timeline of the war can be traced back towards human beings and their dislike for something, not the thing itself. Man causes war, not religion. Religion simply exists as a theoretical or philosophical concept that is shared by millions of people in hundreds of different formats. Essentially, all religions can be considered the same, with basic concepts mirroring each other, but they are practiced differently. When someone decides to start a war against these different ideas, they are actually picking a fight with those that practice the religion as opposed to the religion itself.
Many people still argue that if a religion did not exist, then war would not exist. This is very untrue; human beings are the only species that fight and kill simply for the sake of fighting and killing. They may not have religion as an excuse, but they will be quick to find something that they hope will atone for their actions. Intolerance, the human inability to accept difference, and the human need to fight and to kill are what causes war. Without these, humans would be able to accept the many differences and the diversity of life enough to have no need to cause a war over religion, ethnicity, or social class.