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Benefits of private Healthcare insurance reforms Private health insurance reforms have benefited consumers in a variety of ways as we shall see in the following discussion. The reforms have allowed consumers to access services through the public system; such services include Medicare refunds, subsidized medicines and free treatment in public hospitals. These services are only available to the consumers with private health insurance. Another benefit is that the reforms have removed the stringent measures that required consumers to be hospitalized in order to use their insurance (CHF, 2008).
The broader health cover reforms removed the incentives and therefore patients are able to access a broad range of health service options that include hospital substitute care, ancillary services, hospital-in-home care and chronic disease management programs. Essentially the benefit that the patients get in public hospitals is the subsidized fee for treatments as compared to the time before the reforms when they paid the entire fee (CHF, 2008).
The government has realized the importance of primary health care reforms that will in the long run reduce the increasing rate of chronic diseases, the need for all people to get access to health care facilities despite their ability to pay or health conditions and to minimize the need for hospital admissions (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009). These reforms benefit consumers, especially private patients because as they get access to better services and drugs which reduce further infections to the rest of the populations who apparently receive free medical treatment.
The subsidized fees as seen in these reforms help the consumers to save the out of pocket expenses which impact negatively on the patients. There are various other issues that need to be taken care of by the finances people get and therefore if the government through the reforms is able to reduce such fees and only allow them to pay a small amount, it contributes a great deal to the welfare of the people as they are able to do other things with the cash (ACHR, 2011).

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