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ASSESSMENT PPP Internet and web applications—Conversation ing Tool The learning outcomes of this power point presentation define the conversation authoring tool, which can have instant messaging along with other applications. Instant messaging allows communication between users in a multi-user environment, while it is a web-based application for text-based communication. The technology started from multi-user operating systems like CTSS and Multics in 1960s, to BBS in 1980s and on-line messages (OLM) in early 1990s. However, the present GUI based messaging application started from mid 1990s. While IBM released “LOTUS” software for this purpose, in 1988; “JABBER”, an XMPP-based application was launched in 2000. With current social networking sites offering instant messaging, such services include web conferencing and video calling facilities. While IRC uses TCP for open protocol, ICQ is an instant messaging computer program, now owned by Digital Sky Technologies. ICQ features include file transfers, multi-player games, free limited messaging and off-line support, among others. MSN was released by Microsoft in 1999. Its application includes integration into social networking, off-line messaging and games. While Windows Messenger was found to be the most common IM, Yahoo Messenger comes next, followed by AIM and QQ. Jabber and ICQ, each has only five percent usage.( Lin Xiaohui )
Conversation Agent in education
This presentation gives details about different forms of conversation agents in education, while discussing about current technologies like e-mail, on-line chat. It gives the brief history of objectives related to teaching and education, from 19th to 21st century. The conversation agent also includes on-line discussion/chat boards, classroom blogging, Web CT, instant messaging and video conference. The problems countered include e-mail security concerns and requirement of large band-width for video conference.( Conversation agent in education)
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