Assignment 1: Comparing And Contrasting – Essay Example

Compare and Contrast Essay (One side at a time method) make their writing go through a number of transitions from secondary school to university level. Secondary school writing is much different from university level writing. If the level of writing does not change, it dissatisfies our instructors, even when we think that what we have written is smart and correct.
The level of writing is easier at secondary school level. (Point1) We learn to write simple essays in secondary schools (Williamson, 2010, par.2) which make us learn how we use vocabulary and jot down our expressions in black and white. (Point2) We can be as simple in our expression as we can because we are just learning the basics. (Point3) We are told to use active and passive voice, present and past tenses, and incorporate propositions, articles and conjunctions.
The level of writing is difficult at university level. (Point1) We are required to write down research papers, journal articles, and dissertations, which require lengthy research work and steps. (Point2) We do not have a predefined number of paragraphs or points to follow. The length of the paragraphs can vary depending upon the requirement of the content. (Point3) University writing needs to be supported with evidence, previous research work and literature review (University of California, 2012, par.10).
To conclude, secondary school writing helps us gain competency upon the expression of our thoughts; while, university writing requires us to write complicated papers which need extra proficiency and more detailed structure. Hence, I learned that the level of writing changes from secondary school to university.
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