Assignment – Essay Example

Intimate Relationship and Gender Inequality When children at the age of going to school, peers play an important role thereby assisting their juniorsto learn about gender-roles and behaviors adopted by others in society. Boys make up male peer groups and do some “masculine” things, while girls build up their own groups and do some “feminine” things. Girls are accepted if they wear boy’s clothes and play boy’s toys, but if boys wear girl’s dress and play with girl’s toys such as dolls, their peers would laugh at them. According to Wool, the above mentioned example is the evidence that male behaviors, activities, attitudes and deeds are widely acceptable in the society, especially among females who are not reluctant in adopting male attributes and their appearance. Indeed, boys tend to learn and groom themselves a lot more regarding gender issues from knowledge they acquire from peers and friends. When men and women being young adults, they still get a lot of knowledge about gender from peers. Holland and Eisenhart studies on Peer System has revealed the fact that the women learn more about romance and then opt to showcase their physical beauty and bodily features to gain attention and entice males for entering into relationships.
Teachers also play important roles to let people acknowledge gender inequality. Teachers provide important gender related information through not only the formal content of classroom assignments, but also informal interaction with students. Teachers significantly affect on how students treat their classmates through sex segregation and isolation in order to avoid unnecessary competition, conflicts, bullying, physical abuse / battering and sexual harassment between female and male students.
Gender bias which “consists of showing favoritism toward one gender over the other, be found in the textbooks chosen for the classroom. Some proponents, especially male chauvinists, deliberately neglect the participation and contributions of women in various sectors because of their ego and naturally awarded physical power. Indeed, they have no real inclination to accept a woman’s contribution she does something extraordinary or at least better than her male counterparts. This further aggravates the issue of gender bias, discrimination and sexism in our society.