Assignment – Essay Example

The consequence of inequality People who acquire immense wealth and riches have more quality to life and live their life with ease and comfort. Whereas, the poor and the under privileged struggle to obtain the basic necessities of life and survive on their limited resources. Rich are always having the choice as how to lead their life .On the contrary, poor people spend half the time thinking how to suppress their hunger.
Class inequality has a significant consequence on physical, mental, health and nutritional aspect of a person. The poor with lesser means of life always end up with shorter life expectancy and suffer from major illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. They also have to encounter infectious diseases like tuberculosis as they thrive in unhealthy environment. Poor people are being victimized of heart attack in three ways:
1) Their life with low income leads to excessive stress which damages the cardiovascular system.
2) The stressful condition initiated by the poor income level lead to unhealthy habits like smoking.
3) They consume a diet of poor quality with more fat content which elevate the chance of heart failure.
There exists a high rate of infant mortality in poor class .The pregnant mothers are not fed with nutritious food which affect the health of the unborn baby. Even the delivery process is not handled with utmost care as the medical facilities are not of good quality. According to analyst the wealthy class smoke less, eat nutritious food, exercise well and maintain a health body weight than poor people.