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The "Panopticism" essay by Michel Foucault, under the "Making Connections" Michel Foucault, a French philosopher who lived Inthe years between 1926-1984 set insight that can help an individual to clarify on how different thing such as social media connects to our psychological level. Though he died several years before the invention of the internet, he made significant strand in explaining the making of reconnections through social media. According to (Walter, 2007), social media platform is not only a tool for reconnections, but also a vehicle for reconnection. Michel Foucault perspective on making reconnections through social media identifies sharing as the mechanism that makes the social media ticks.
In this case, sharing of information on social media platform constitutes a visible and transparent connection in the presence of visualized crowd. Michel Foucault describes the act of sharing as a performance in the context of making connections. In this case, (Walter, 2007) argues that the act of making connections with friends, relatives and even strangers culminates in to a performance act that entertains both parties. In this case, the performance entails sharing logic and experiences among the people. Michel Foucault, furthermore, provides a formula through which making connections would disperse discipline into the society. In the formula, making connections concept would be used to penetrate discipline mechanisms.
In his work, Foucault exhibits deep understanding on how the social media phenomenon will bring people together. According to (Walter, 2007), Michel Foucault describes the concept of making connections. In the model, he incorporates Jeremy Bentham’s idea of ideal prison where information flows with ease. Furthermore, schools, prisons, workplaces and hospitals are perpetually integrated to each other through shared information on social media. The panopticon was designed to spread all over the society in order to make communication more effective and economic. In school, for example, discipline would be enhanced through prompt issuing of instruction and improved feedback system.
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