Audience – Essay Example

Letter to an Adult Relative Dear Aunt Joan, How was your trip to Egypt? I just received the photos of Luxor and Giza you sent in the mail. The palaces and pyramids really look interesting. I doubt that anything you see in Syria, Jordan or Turkey will compare to the things you have seen in Egypt. But I have heard that the Hagia Sophia is a beautiful building. I hope your tour allows you time to see it. I can’t wait to see you in January when you will return to New York. I’m looking forward to the weekend we have planned. Let me know if you prefer seeing a play or going to the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday. If we are going to the museum, I’d like to do some reading upon the current exhibits before we go.
Things are all going well for me since you have departed. Schoolwork is the one constant I can count on. Not that I mind, but having a break once in a while would be nice. I know you wanted me to take a semester off to travel with you, but right now I think reaching my academic goals is most pressing. I know you understand because you were once a dedicated (but starving!) student yourself. Perhaps after the end of the courses I’m taking right now, I will be able to come along on your next adventure.
Which brings up the question, where are you traveling to next? Have you made any plans yet? If you have need of suggestions, maybe you would want to think about the Lake District. A friend just returned from a hiking tour there and had a wonderful time.
Again, I’m looking forward to January and our meeting in New York. Keep well until then.
With love,