Ballet/Musical – Essay Example

Ballet/Musical Review The website The Symphony an Interactive Guide: A journey into the great composers’ finest symphonies holds a wealth of information presented in a vivid manner that encourages deeper understanding not just the symphony, but also important composers, instrumentation, and pertinent history. Personally, one of the most interesting facets of the website is the colorful diagram of the orchestra layout, and quick links to individual instruments complete with audio. Much like the ballet, the website provides both aural and visual stimulation that draws the user in and lets them take something away from the experience.
Additionally, the website contains a detailed timeline that is broken down into four distinct time periods, 1750 to1799, 1800 to 1849, 1850 to 1899, and 1900 to1950, with links to text, biography, images, and audio from each important composer. By providing all of this information in one place, in chronological order, it allows students to really get a hands-on feel for what can sometimes seem dry material. Again, this is accomplished by presenting information visually as images and in writing, as well as with sounds. The website also allows the interested student to follow external links to find more of the great MIDI audio files or to save them to a home computer, which is very useful in promoting interest and passion for symphonic music.
The website can be likened to an interactive ballet, where multiple elements are juxtapositioned in order to allow the viewer, in this case the student, to experience many different aspects of the symphony from a diverse perspective. The site also provides a “Quick Tour” option that gives a general overview of the site and the resources that are offered therein, making it friendly and simple to navigate using intuitive principles of design and visual arts. A similar website for the ballet, with the timeline and perhaps video files as well could be helpful in building student interest and understanding of the subject of ballet as well.
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