BEST BUY – Essay Example

4 November Why is racial and gender diversity important in motivating employees? Racial and gender diversity plays a fundamental role in motivating employees in that it gives rise to a healthy competition among the employees. Employees tend to work harder in an attempt to prove that they are more productive and efficient as compared to their colleagues from opposite gender and ethnic origins. Also, working environment becomes lively as more and more cultures and races enrich it, and this results in an ultimate increase in motivation for the employees.
2. How does Best Buy’s trip to Memphis encourage racial diversity among
managers and employees?
Best Buy’s trip to Memphis encourages racial diversity among managers and employees because that place was known for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who happened to be the fore-front leader of the famous civil rights movement. (ICSC, 2010). The civil rights movement fundamentally was meant to fight for the rights of African Americans as they faced racial issues. Having delivered training and lectures on diversity management in the Memphis, Best Buy justified racial diversity at workplace. Memphis was chosen by Best Buy quite meaningfully.
3. Why does a diverse workforce help increase the bottom line in a retail company
such as Best Buy?
A diverse workforce plays a major role in increasing the bottom line in a retail company like Best Buy because it pertains to the religious, cultural, moral and racial concerns of a large number of people in the society. Racially diverse workforce in a company speaks volumes about its belief in human equality. People tortured on racial grounds tend to associate with such companies and support them in all possible manners. Hence, a diverse workforce means a lot to the growth and development of a company.
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