BEST BUY – Essay Example

04 November, Question This is the general consensus among myriad employing organizations that motivating racial and gender diversity in workplaces has always been the ultimate need of the time. The more chances of diversity of cultures, races and religions in a workplace, the higher would be the rate of healthy competition among the employees. Promoting diversity is the key to improving the overall productivity owing to the positive aura built through zero discrimination.
The decision made by Best Buy to make a trip to Memphis in particular in order to promote racial diversity is grounded by a solid reason. Memphis is the place where the world famous hero for defending civil rights, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. This sensitive relation existing between Memphis and Dr. King turned out to be favorable for Best Buy, who also intended to fight for the rights of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, just like Dr. King had done all his life.
A diverse workforce, if managed properly, undoubtedly plays a distinguished role in increasing the net income or bottom line of any company, because a discrimination proof environment is potentially capable of creating harmony. Esty, Griffin, and Hirsch (11) claim that the environment of that workplace is fraught with creativity, where employees coming from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds are not favored over each other. If diversity is handled carefully and all the employees are taught to value each other’s culture, race or religion, commitment for work can be stimulated which ultimately helps in increasing the productivity.
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