Beyond Capitalism And Socialism: Rebuilding The American Economy Focused On Family And Community – Essay Example

The global economy has always been based on production and the market. It has been studied and developed according to the shifts in the prices, reserves, resources and the market. But what is underplayed and less considered are the cultural values that influences the shift in the economic perspective of different countries. The article of Allan Carlson (2010) indicates the need of the economy to give importance to the basic means of living, much the same as how our ancestors have been living during those times when electricity and all other technologies have not been discovered and invented yet. In uplifting the economy, he argues that human labor and relationships should be treated not as commodities but as valuable influences to the improvement and development of the economy as it provides the economy the hands to produce and create the products it markets. He emphasizes the need of the economy to focus on improving what is being learned within the family in terms of living well. That directs the families to go back to the basics of learning how to productive on their own resources, such as farming or gardening.
By focusing on the family, the smallest unit of the society, the economy will be able to become more stable and established as it develops the basics of the people. Families will be able to teach productivity to their children effectively through crafts and arts even if it happens just at home. The children, then, will learn that their part is important to the productivity of the family. This value will then go from the children to the family and from the family to the society. By establishing the family, the society establishes its framework in developing a better economy that has better relationship with its people.