Building Germany Holocaust Memorial By Peter Eisenman – Essay Example

September 21, Holocaust Memorial The holocaust memorial was built in 2005 by Peter Eisenman. The construction and design of this memorial provided grounds for controversy. Many individual’s believed that the design of the holocaust memorial did not accurately reflect historical events associated with both Nazi Germany and the holocaust.
The design of the holocaust memorial can be described as a large sum of nameless tombstones. According to Bernstein (2005), the holocaust memorial serves “as a place of memory for future generations, helping them to face up to the incomprehensible facts" (1). The idea of constructing a holocaust memorial came to be over twenty years ago. However, conflicting ideas on how to best honor the victims of the holocaust stalled this development.
Many people had different ideas as to what the holocaust memorial should entail. The various ideas included building a museum or to producing a large wall with names of the victims inscribed on the wall. German officials decided to use an architect that did not hail from Germany. According to BBC News, “Many other German firms which were in some way linked to Nazi crimes... determine our economic life and are involved in projects that remember the Nazi time” (2). Peter Eisenman, a native of the United States was assigned to design and complete this project by 2005. The year 2005 is significant as this honors the sixtieth anniversary of World War II.
The design employed by Peter Eisenman gives viewers the impression of a large graveyard. This impression is meant to describe from a visual perspective the numerous people that lost their lives during the holocaust. Individual’s visiting the holocaust memorial often get lost and become speechless.
The goal of this memorial designed by Eisenman was to give visitors the feeling of being lost and disorientated in this work. Eisenman believed that this was the best way to honor the holocaust victims as this memorial gives provides visitors the feelings that many victims of the holocaust exhibited.
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