Case Study – Essay Example

Case Study As a freshman of mass communications, faced with the dilemma of running a profile feature of the department’s most popular professor, one must be able to grasp the rudiments of basic rules in journalism. Although the profile feature was exemplary in terms of structure and essence, the interview with the featured professor indicated that it would be solely used for the media writing class.
In this regard, the freshman should not, in any terms, agree to publish the profile feature in the school newspaper without prior consent and approval from the professor to be featured. According to an article entitled How to Write a Profile Feature which was adapted from New York Times, “it’s not ethical to write something about a person without letting them know -- and getting their OK -- that this will be published” (par. 2). One must be aware that there are rules of attribution that need to be observed. Further, the writing professor also validated that consent needs to be sought prior to publication since the initial purpose for the essay was only for the class assignment.
As a freshman student, one must protect oneself from future ethical or legal problems that might ensue from publishing written works without due approval or consent, especially for profile features. It is understandable that the freshman is eager to show her writing skills through a published feature article in the school newspaper. However, without due consent, it could pose a lot of problems in terms of violating ethical codes of standards covering journalism. Anyway, with her great writing skills and potentials, more opportunities for publishing written works would come in the near future.
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