Cause And Effect: The Necklace – Essay Example

AR The Necklace 4/26 The Necklace The Necklace is a short story by Guy de Maupassant which revolves around Madame Mathilde Loisel who belongs to a poor family. Although she is provided with the basic necessities of her life by her husband she is still not satisfied and has an urge to become rich. This unsatisfactory nature of Mathilde costs her a whole fortune in the story and she has to suffer even more because of a simple necklace.
Mathilde always had the need to become rich and amalgamate in the upper class society but because of her conditions and status she could not satisfy her dreams and wishes. Her husband is a clerk who is not able to provide her with all those luxuries that she requires but one day he brings an invitation of an upper class party which she rejects on the basis of her clothes and ornaments. Her husband agrees to get her clothes for the party but on the eve of the party Mathilde also demands ornaments which would suit her. As her husband cannot fulfill her requirements of the ornaments he urges her to borrow some ornaments for her friend who is rich. She borrows a diamond necklace from her friend but later on she finds that she lost the necklace in the party. To return the diamond necklace of her friend Mathilde buys a similar diamond necklace from a shop after mortgaging all her properties and getting loans. But later on in the end of the story it is found that originally the necklace which her friend borrowed Mathilde was just an ordinary necklace which did not even cost 500 francs. The cause of the sufferings in the story necklace is the unsatisfactory nature of Mathilde. She is not satisfied with what she has in life and wants more and because of this she borrows the necklace from her friend to amalgamate with the upper society. But in doing so she affects her whole life and suffers to repay the loans for making it up for the lost necklace. Not only this, the whole suffering of Mathilde was irrelevant as the necklace originally was not even expensive.
The story leaves an impact on the readers and tells them to be satisfied with whatever they have been granted in their lives. The cause which led to all the problems for Mathilde in the story was her unacceptable nature towards her blessings and the effect could be clearly seen in the misery caused to her in order to return the necklace.