Chapter 15 Reflection Paper – Essay Example

Chapter 15 Reflection Paper The point made by the is that the events that took place in Kosovo when thousands of Albanians were killed and hundreds of thousands more expelled from their homes was not justifiable as a genocide. While numerous human rights groups believe that what took place was a genocide, there are still those that believe the events can only be classified as war crimes. By definition, to support the decision that the events were simply war crimes, a genocide is the destruction of an ethnic group, and what happened in Kosovo against the Albanians was merely the forceful, violent departure of the group. Even though hundreds of thousands of Albanians were effected during these events, the Serbs were not attempting to do away with an entire race, but just force them from a geographical location.
The points laid down by the author were not convincing. Not only did I question the points that were made, but I also questioned the legitimacy of the claims made by the Serbs themselves. Ethnic cleansing in great amounts - such as what took place in Kosovo - should be considered a genocide. An entire ethnic group was violently gone after by another ethnic group simply based on differences of ethnicity. Regardless of whether or not the Serbs were trying to do away with an entire ethnic group or just force them out of their homes and their land, the fact remains that thousands of Albanians lost their lives during these events. Furthermore, the author pointed out that numerous human rights groups were all for calling the events a genocide; as long as there is a strong opposition, the conclusion is open-ended.
I did like the way that the points were laid, first addressing the conflict, then getting into the details of the conflict, followed by the various sides of the argument. It was orderly and it helped to mentally organize all of these concepts and opinions.