Chapter 15 Reflection Paper (Rwanda Genocide) – Essay Example

Rwanda Genocide Reflection The Rwanda genocide has become one of the greatest, most gruesome genocides of the 20th century. Half a million people, most of whom were Tutsi, were killed in the genocide, and almost the same amount of deaths due to illness, exhaustion, and military events. What made the Rwanda genocide what it was was the fact that it had been planned. This is one of the most important elements in determining if an event such as this is considered to be a genocide, which is the deliberate killing of a large group of people based on ethnicity or religion.
Despite speculations as to what caused the genocide, many of which were deemed as inaccurate and nonexistent, it was decided that the cause had been the shooting down of President Juvenal Habyalimana’s plane not too long prior to the genocide. However, even with this knowledge people were still doubtful as to the events; therefore, it was doubted if the genocide could be considered as such. Through many eyewitness reports of those fateful events, it was finally agreed that what had happened had been genocide, though any definite causes are still unknown. It is believed that, as with many gory events of history, there is a long chain of events that led to it, in domino effect fashion.
One of the aspects of the Rwanda genocide is how many eyewitness accounts there were, especially in comparison to the Burundi genocide, for which there were none. The Rwanda genocide, regardless of all the destruction and the amount of people that were murdered, still allowed many people to witness what took place. This, coupled with the half a million people that died in the genocide, made the Rwanda incident one of the most devastating events in world history. Furthermore, the reasons behind the genocide - the assassination of a president and the public display of discrimination and prejudice - make it one of the most memorable horrors.