Christmas In The Park – Essay Example

Questionnaire. Q1 Reader: The is of a person alone in a foggy park, thinking about people who are indoors or with friends and family, butpreferring to stay outside in the natural world. There are good sensory descriptions, including sounds, sights and touch.
Q2 Reader: The description of the lanterns is good, because they are not traditionally Christmas symbols, and they bring in an element of the exotic and the alien, both quite modern touches to an old story. The fireworks, too, break the peace of the first paragraph and introduce a jolt that makes the reader stop in his or her tracks.
Q3 Reader: The gray fountain is a contrast, which is meant to show a coldness and hardness, and in the revised version there is more clarity about that, when the writer turns away from it and heads for the light and warmth.
Q1 Writer. The two pages are meant to describe the peace and joy of Christmas as they appear to a person alone in the park. They should remind the reader that Christmas is a time for sharing with others.
Q2 Writer. In the beginning there is a kind of neutral peace, which nature shares with humans but this soon becomes Christmassy with the sound of carols. The mist and the quiet are important at the start, and then gradually more sensations come into play, like the sound of carols and the bright lights of fireworks and lanterns. Finally the pull of the city and of other people should bring the writer back into fellowship with other people, and able to enjoy the deep meaning of Christmas.
Q3 Writer The thesis, unstated, is that we might think we can manage alone, but if we do try to do this, then we will miss the most important things in life like peace, joy and faith, which are to be experienced in company. Christmas is a celebration with other people, and this is what makes it special for us all.