Civil War – Essay Example

CIVIL WAR The term civil war refers to the internal conflict between two or more groups, factions or communities belonging to one and the same region or country, which involves a large proportion of the population of the state or country by causing destruction, bloodshed and turmoil in its wake. History is replete with the examples of civil wars that brought revolutionary changes in society, and paved the way towards enormous alterations in the political, social, economic, religious, and cultural structure of the country at large. Political thinkers and analysts argue in favor of several reasons that lead the nations towards such circumstances that the people belonging to the same nation appear standing at daggers drawn against one another in order to implement the demands for which the civil war has been launched. One of the most important reasons behind the commencement of civil war includes conflict between haves and haves-not, where the deprived strata of society rise up against the rulers for their freedom, liberty, basic rights and social reforms.
History presents the proofs when the poor, needy and deprived groups revolted against the social inequalities, injustices, exploitation and prejudice on the basis of racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic position prevailing in a society. Taking the examples of the French Revolution of 1789, US Civil War (1861-1865), Iranian Revolution of 1979 and other civil wars and rebels, it becomes evident that the exploited people belonging to lower stratum of society waged civil war against the atrocities and cruelties of their rulers. The motive behind the US civil war included set the African American and Latin slaves free from the supremacy, domination and atrocities of the White Anglo Saxon Population (WASP). “The enslavement of African Americans in what became the United States formally began during the 1630s and l640s. At that time colonial courts and legislatures made clear that Africans--unlike white indentured servants--served their masters for life and that their slave status would be inherited by their children. Slavery in the United States ended in the mid-1860s.” The slave states had to struggle for decades to get rid of slavery that was the outcome of the US civil war of 19th century. 19thy century was the era when freedom movements were at their peak. French Revolution of late 18th century had given the entire globe a message of liberty, equality and fraternity. Every nation was awakening from the deep sleep of ignorance to win their civil rights. The women in the USA raised their voice in 1848, and demanded equal rights from the feminist platform. The situation in Russia was also taking imperative changes. There was a time when the slaves were not allowed to get married even, without the consent and permission of their masters in Russia. Consequently, they had to wage a long and decisive civil war to break the shackles of slavery and inequality.
To conclude, it becomes evident that civil wars are either the outcome of exploitation observed by the rulers, or the result of condemnable plans devised by the opportunists in order to fish their own fry out of troubled waters. The present day civil wars are also the reflection of injustices being committed in different parts of the globe. The contemporary civil wars and struggles being made in different parts of the globe including Ireland, Iraq, Palestine, Indian occupied Kashmir, Chechnya and other countries are the outcome of injustices and inequalities inflicted by the powerful stratum of society upon the helpless minority racial, ethnic and religious groups.
Slavery in the Civil War Era (Quoted in