Community College – Essay Example

Going to college is one of the biggest decisions a person has to make in their lives. It is important to choose the right college. Education is important because it provides the knowledge students need to maximize their potential (Wahiduddin). In my search for different colleges around the nation I choose the Dallas Country Community College District (DCCCD). The Dallas County Community College District was founded in 1965. In that year the institution secured financing in the amount of $41.5 million to operate the campus (Edu37reachlocal, 2010). The college first opened its doors to give classes to students the following year. The leadership team that enabled this institution to get off the ground included its founding chancellor Margatet McDermont. Two other leaders that help the college during its initial years were R.L. Thorton and Dr. Bill J. Priest. The current chancellor of DCCCD is Dr. Wright Lassiter Jr. The board of trustees of the college is composed of seven members that serve six year terms. The long term goal of the educational institution is to equip students with for successful living and responsible citizenship (Edu37reachlocal, 2010)
The Dallas Community College District has seven locations across the state. There are more than 69,000 students attending the college and another 25,000 individuals taking continued education courses. The educational institution has 6,900 employees on payroll. The total operating budget for fiscal year 2009-2010 was $444.6 million. All seven college campuses are individually accredited by the commission on colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The institution as a whole shows its leadership by getting involved with different associations. Some of those associations include the League of Innovation in the Community College, the American Association of Community Colleges, and the American Community College trustees among others. One of the reasons students choose to study at this community college is because DCCCD is the largest undergraduate institution in the state of Texas. Another reason students choose DCCE is because fact it has a lot of diversity among the student population. A third reason students choose this institution is because of the quality of the education and the good selection of academic programs.
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