Comparing North India To South India – Essay Example

29 October, North India (Gujrat) vs South India (Kerala Although both make parts of the same country, North India and South India are on two opposite poles in terms of color, culture, language, preferences and views. Such differences have led to occasional conflicts between members of the opposite parts of India. North Indians are generally light wheat color. Fairness in either sex is considered as a symbol of beauty in the North India, whereas South Indians are dark brown skinned and beauty is measured on the scale of features instead of color. Many South Indians are more beautiful than North Indians despite being dark skinned.
Kerala is one of the most famous cities representative of South India like Gujrat is of North India. Most South Indians are firm practitioners of their respective religions. The present population of Kerala constitutes a majority of Hindus followed by a roughly equal number of Muslims and Christians. Percentage of Hindus in Gujrat is 70% contrary to a 60% in Kerala. (, 2010). Keralites are generally peace-loving, and are ahead in education as compared to many North Indians. In fact, they take pride in having a higher literacy rate than that among North Indians. Kerala has a literacy rate of 100%. (, 2009). The official language of Kerala is Malayalam, though all Keralites know and fluently speak English. On the other hand, Gujratis are ahead in arts and crafts. Gujratis are of multi-ethnic origins, so the range of languages spoken in Gujrat is quite large in comparison to Kerala.
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