Competition: An Intentional Pedagogicaal Component In Design Training – Essay Example

Competition: an intentional pedagogical component in design training Competition: an intentional pedagogicalcomponent in design training
Man has always had an inborn desire to compare oneself with others. Working hard to achieve more than one’s opponents is a global implication. It is a social instinct that man and all the species on this planet compete for survival and better living. In mankind, healthy competition has always encouraged honest assessment and brought out the best in people (Maxwell, 2005). In today’s world we can see many examples of positive competition; for example, the current war between two of the biggest technology companies in the world, Apple and Microsoft. The two opponents have been battling with each other to become the largest tech company. They set an example of how competition can accelerate learning and the will to perform. Apple tried constantly to beat Microsoft for the number one position. Recently it was able to do so and achieved the title of the world’s largest technology company. One thinks whether these companies would have done so well without each other’s presence. The question here is that should competition be made a component in design training. What pros and cons it can have on the learning attitude of trainees? Keeping this in mind, this paper explores how competition based training can fuel learning and what are the possible disadvantages of it. It attempts to highlight the role competition can play in deign training if introduced into the course via teaching methods. The subject matter is divided into three subtopics which include overview of pedagogy and design training, how competition promotes learning and the drawbacks of competition.
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