Concept Paper About Interactive Learning – Essay Example

Concept Paper about "Interactive Learning" Language teaching methods and approaches have attained serious attention today, because foreign language learning has become essential component in the modern life of globalization. One of the most effective language learning methods in the contemporary setting has been interactive learning which helps the learner acquire knowledge through interactive techniques rather than passive systems of language learning. Thus, ‘Interactive Learning’ method helps the learner engage with learning content or information both intellectually and emotionally and this teaching method produces active learners of language.
In a profound exploration of the ‘Interactive Learning’ method, it becomes lucid that the role of the learner as well as the teacher is that of active and interactive individuals and it consists of such elements as feedback, reflection and dialogue. Lynn Brogan defines interactive learning as occurring “when a student puts together knowledge and skills by connecting with information and experiences provided by the teacher. The student is engaged both intellectually and emotionally in interactive learning. Feedback, reflection and dialogue are integral components of interactive learning.” (Brogan) According to her, there are three types of interactive learning - learner-content, learner-instructor, and learner-learner. In the first type, the interaction takes place between the learner and the facts or information, whereas it is between the learner and the teacher in the second type and between the learner and co-learners in the third type of interaction. It is also important to recognize that this method is one of the popular methods of language learning employed in schools today and it involves the use of computers and similar tangible equipments.
In conclusion, the ‘Interactive Learning’ method has contributed highly to the development of language learning methods. The concept of interactive learning emphasizes the learning of information or learning-material by the learner as an active participant in the language learning process.
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