Confession Of A Mask – Essay Example

An Analysis of Confessions of a Mask Confessions of a Mask is the very first novel written by Yukio Mishima, a Japanese whose real is Kimitake Hiraoka. Although originally written in the Japanese language, the book has been published in the English version. (Mishima) Since then, it has been widely read in different countries, making Mishima as one of the foremost modern writers that Japan ever produced. The plot of the novel revolves around the experiences of the main protagonist, Kochan. A homosexual, Kochan struggles to keep his real sexual preference secret in order to be accepted by society. Being raised, in the period when Japan was greatly influenced by a culture supportive of militarism, people around him expected that he live up to the characteristics of the Japanese masculine archetype. However, Kochan has a unique childhood background compared to other boys of his age. He was brought up by his grandmother who saw to it that he is kept away from the normal boy’s activities and limited only to play with girls indoors. The reason for this was that Kochran was physically weak.
As Kochran begins to realize his sexual orientation, he decides to hide from others, knowing that such nature is not well-accepted by his society. Instead, he creates an image that is very contrary to what he really is. He tries to fall in love with a girl even as he tries to overcome his sexual attraction to a male friend. Because he does not have the physique of muscular male stereotypes, he expresses his fascination for men with such appearances. As he tries to hide his sexual orientation, he begins to see other people as having similar secrets that he has. He begins to shape a philosophy that humans always tend to present a different person in front of society just be accepted and recognized. The entire story presents the theme of Divided Self by depicting the homosexual in a culture where machismo is deeply ingrained. Kochran does not only try to conceal his homosexuality, he also attempts to resist its natural tendencies.
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