Create A Career Strategy And Avoid Long Term Unemployment – Essay Example

Follow Career Planning and Management and Say Good-Bye to Unemployment Career planning and management helps an individual work sensibly in career crisis. When one loses job and has less chances or no professional contacts to find another good job, either he may lose all hope altogether and make decisions out of fear and despair, or he may apply effective career planning and management techniques to come out of the career crisis. Although the organizations have to keep changing their culture due to the dynamic market aura and this change in the organizational culture poses threats to the stability of jobs; however, you can plan and manage your career in such a way so that any job you pursue remains compatible with the ever changing and ever demanding market. It is so distressing to find out that many people are getting despaired with their career prospects and opting for giving up.
The status the job market is in at the start of the year 2010, as exposed by a recent study, is perplexing. Unemployment rate has fallen and so has the employment rate! The reasons for the downfall of employment rate include:
People have started working more on part-time and self-financed basis.
Dormant or inactive workforce has increased. The reason being that youth has chosen to study further instead of stepping into the market and also, many people have chosen to leave searching for jobs altogether. The drop in the number of jobseekers is frightening.
There is a large number of people that is out of work for more than twelve months.
However, things have not gone that bad. The study also reveals that there are a lot of companies out there who are willing to invest in the market so as to attract workforce because of the fact that a strong workforce leads to better organizational performance and higher productivity.
In short, the study endorses the fact that one needs to carry out effective career planning and management to cope with the ever changing demands of the tough job market.