Crime And Punishment – Essay Example

Crime and punishment Though there has been plenty of concern in regard to the current punishment for criminal offenders and their perchance to be recidivistic, it can also be argued that this is not always the case (Valier, 2003). There are many criminals that do learn their lessons after their first - and usually only - stay in prison. Unfortunately, there are still those that do not allow themselves to be rehabilitated during their initial stay in an institution. While there are no concrete statistics that suggest that one type of offender reacts better to prison than another, it can still be suggested that prison should be the first level of punishment depending on the crime.
As it has been proven that many criminals react positively from their stay in prison, the method of sentencing is not a complete failure (Zaibert, 2006). For those that are released from prison and eventually end up going back after another crime, the problem lies with the criminal, not with the punishing system. There are some criminals that are career criminals, and there are others who know no other lifestyle except for crime.
After the initial imprisonment, if an offender is arrested for yet another crime, whether it is the same way as before or a new offense, then they should be given a longer sentencing in prison. Even if they have no intentions of learning anything from their continuous run-ins with the law, at least they are off the streets and out of the way of innocent civilians (Smith, 2008).
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