Crime In Perspective – Essay Example

Crime in Perspective October 8, Crime in Perspective Crime is the result of a lack ity, as well as a lack of positive influence and guidance. Statistics show that the majority of criminals come from families or environments that can only be described as negative (Burkhead, 2005). The few exceptions are those that have mental or behavioral disorders that cause them to commit the crimes that they do. When a person does not have the proper authority or someone positive in their life to look up to, then they do not have someone to correct them when they decide to do something wrong. They do not have a person to intervene with their decisions, or show them the proper way of doing things.
Every person needs a positive influence in their life, whether it be a parent, friend, relative, or teacher. If they can be presented with an example of what it means to do good and to stay on the right path, they would be more prone to follow that person (Darrow, 2009). If an individual only ever spends time with people that rob banks, steal cars, or murder someone else out of anger, that is the life that that individual can begin looking forward to unless they have someone else there to tell them how wrong those actions are.
A positive influence does not only act as a good role model for a person, but they can help make the consequences known. Every negative action comes with a consequence, especially when it involves a criminal activity. If an individual understands the wrongness of committing crimes and the consequences that are bound to follow, they themselves can become a positive influence for someone else who might be at risk for committing crimes. As crime is the result of a lack of positive people in someone’s life, positive influences need to start making themselves known.
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