Criminal Justice – Essay Example

Discuss why Albert S. Osborn contributed most to his field, forensic science? Albert S.Osborn was born in 1958. His early life that included work in farm did not appeal to him but he rather found interest in penmanship when he studied at the State College in Lansing. After training and practice, he took up the job as a teacher of penmanship and extended his interests from penmanship to the identification of typewriting, handwriting, paper ink and several other questions that came up in contested documents.
During his time attorneys usually consulted penmanship teachers to take opinions regarding the spuriousness or genuineness of a signature. The recognition of Albert S. Osborn as a highly reputed teacher convinced many lawyers to approach him for questioned document issues. Later, Mr.Osborn opened an office in New York and devoted more time for questioned document work. He carried out the work of questioned document work on a scientific basis.
The depth with which Mr.Osborn worked towards forensic science resulted in great institutions and significant advances in the subject. Mr.Osborn was a person of penetrating vision, rigid integrity, indomitable courage and was a profound thinker. Forensic science received much attention and development with the efforts of Mr.Osborn who conducted annual meeting of document examiners for educational discussions. The meeting required the participants to present a research paper on a previously assigned subject that offered incredible value to the participants. Realising that the association of document examiners must become formal, the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners was formed in 1942 with Mr.A.S.Osborn as the first president.
Mr.Osborn was an ardent reader of scientific as well as literary books. His retentive memory and the understanding of the author’s perceptions reached him to the heights of learning.
Some of his books are The Mind of the Juror, The Problem of Proof and Questioned Document Problems that assisted examiners to codify the information essential to identify the various styles of typescripts, handwriting and to date inks, papers and writing instruments (ASQDE President).
It may be concluded that the passion of Mr.Albert S. Osborn to study and research the art of penmanship and teach new methods to document examiners enabled him to immensely contribute to the field of forensic science.
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