Critique The Story Draft Of The Student – Essay Example

Story critique November 24, Story critique The story revolves around the narrator’s experience in the day in which he lost her job. The narrator succeeds in depicting his character of consistency, discipline, and contentment in his environment. He also fails to express his perception of the traits after losing the job though this could be part of response to the employer’s failure to acknowledge his consistency and dedication. Did the narrator regret his good character in the organization’s set up and did he wish he never made efforts for the good traits? The narrator should have answered this question.
The author does not employ the full narrative arc. Dismissal from employment appears to be the conflict of the story and this comes at the abrupt end of the story. The conflict is therefore not built up into climax and there is no resolution. A scenario such as a confrontation with the human resource manager or the CEO on the narrator’s unquestionable efforts in the company and identification of an alternative employment opportunity or an offer from the employer could have completed the arc. The narrator therefore leaves the audience with the following question. What happened after the job loss?
Even though the story does not complete the narrative arc, the end is effective and shows reactions to an event (Forster & Marasco, 2007). The ending could however be improved by introducing a changed reaction following resolution of the conflict. The following question would help in the improvement. Upon conflict resolution, what changes did the narrator and other employees exhibit?
There is however a consistent flow in the story’s outline and reformatting the structure to introduce the conflict at the beginning of the story, build the conflict to a climax such as workers’ demonstration and legal processes, and resolving the conflict would improve the story.
Forster, G. & Marasco, T. (2007). Exemplers: Your best resource to improve student writing. Ontario: Pembroke Publishers Limited.