Cross-Cultural Perspectives On Childbirth And Breastfeeding – Essay Example

Pen-3 Table Target Cultural Group: Native Hawaiian Women Health Problem: Breast Cancer Screening (participation rates low) Specific Target: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Childbirth and Breastfeeding
Proper exercise and physical activity at 3 months, continued breastfeeding encouraged, partner support, desire to feel better, baby older, baby and mom healthier, baby and mom more active, more time, child care issues resolved, environmental issues resolved, policy and organizational barriers resolved, intrapersonal and interpersonal barriers resolved
Respect for life, respect for the environment, advocates, practice, promotion, lifestyle, nature, respect of the human body, self-reliance, availability and adherence to resources to help the mom and baby, empowerment, education, healing, regeneration, culture, protection, support, activity, fellowship, campaigns, policy changes, enhancement, caring nature
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