Describe A Fictional Visit To Ireland – Essay Example

A FICTIONAL VISIT TO IRELAND Ever since my childhood started provoking my desire to travel I have nurtured a long for exploring the unfound lands. Aland that does not exist may be more exciting to walk on in the imagination than something you usually know. Several such journeys I made were during my nights, probably in my dreams. I would like to narrate here, my experience as a fictional vacationer along the scenic spots of Ireland.
Let me start with the details of my navigation to the third largest island of Europe. My voyage was not miserable as that of Robinson Crusoe or Captain James Cook. It was all cool. Starting from Atlanta, my ship sailed me past thousands of maritime miles and reached the shores where beauty meets ecstasy. The sea sickness that deprived me was vanished at very sight of tiny creatures crawling on the sand dunes at some distance from the sea shore. I approached them and found much to my excitement that they were goats. Soon a herd’s man noticed me and whistled out seemingly for his aid. There came hundred such alienated humans to capture me and they took me to an open place, which l later knew was their ‘International Football Stadium’. The captivity days were really enjoyable as I learned imitate their language and actions to express ideas. My classy appearance was, perhaps, the reason for their growing admiration for me. The king of the island was so much pleased with my adequacy that he showed respectful love to me.
I was given a guide who would take me all over the ways I wanted him to. Mountains, forests, rivers and streams were all adding to my fantasies. I was always warned about the eruption of a volcano any moment. As such it happened; I witnessed the disastrous waves of a terrific volcano and the panic that it spread among the highlanders.
Thoughtful as I was, I always had a solution to any problem. I conducted group meeting and spoke to them in whatever I thought was their language. As somebody said “Difficulty connects people”, they were all inspired by my words and readily accepted my proposal to set up a school and a small township. I taught them the art of construction which they soon learned and practiced into material effect. Buildings sprouted like mushrooms. The highlanders started settling along the shores. They learnt to enjoy music and art. Some of the clip arts and charts helped me a lot to speak about my own country far west to theirs. Their attitudes changed along with their life style. The love for traveling and curiosity about other cultures darted deep posts in their minds. Yes, they were transforming- transforming to personalities more like mine. Even I knew I was changing by a large kind like them. Really, I knew we had already exchanged our cultures.