Design In The Details – Essay Example

The main idea that the speech of Paul Bennett deals with is the need to bring together the wants of organizations and the wants of separate people (Paul Bennett finds design in the details.) He was able to tell the difference between both of them and later says that the reuniting of both is important for the general good. His study looks at how very small and almost unnoticeable things can be used for the benefit of people. For example, changing the floor patterns in hospitals is one small thing that can let the patients feel better about the treatment and may make them less homesick. The example of the patients is actually showing the need to use these chances in order to make progress. Paul also pays attention to the fact that people should actually look at the bigger picture and should make use of the small things to benefit others. Paul goes on to state that while designing something, people should consider themselves as beginners and to start with new ideas that think about the needs of the customers. It is with these ideas that Paul basically begs people to step into other people’s shoes and learn about what these people would want as the design. It also shows that the designs do not need to be very fancy or detailed but should be linked and should relate to the lives of these people. Instead of forcing a certain design on any one, it would be better to understand what it is that the customer really wants to see.
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