Diagnostic Essay – Essay Example

Diagnostic essay- Have you ever been lonely at home, in a strange place, in a foreign country? What is the loneliest moment you have ever known? In your essay, explain this lonely moment. Use specific, concrete details
It is a fact that everyone experiences lonely moments in one’s life and brooding over the loneliest moment in my life brings me back to the previous day I parted from my home town for my higher studies abroad. In the deepening twilight I was moving by the Elephant school where I had my schooling. The trumpets of elephants were in full pitched. I heard the mahouts giving instructions to tame the elephants. Sometimes the elephants were protesting, as I felt they were. In the scorching chillness I walked past the famous Elephant School in Thailand, thinking of being in America where I would have to tame myself to cope with a different language and culture. The feeling that I was good only at my mother tongue chilled my heart. I walked past the silence of the landscape. Then I could hear the siren from the lignite mine. It created waves in my ears. The siren was louder than I expected. I thought they were completely making use of the electricity for the siren itself. The mine, the elephant school, everything came to my mind as I was striding towards my house.
Busy preparations were going on in my house. Parents were preparing for the traditional rituals. My brothers and sisters were cracking. I was very gloomy. My father could easily identify that I was completely in a stressed situation. He asked me whether I was not willing to study abroad. I had to tell him that I was worried of the cultural differences and the communication problems that I would encounter in America. My father explained me his experiences when he was sent for some studies to the nearby town when he was a boy. He consoled me and told me to visit my uncle, my mother’s brother in the city. He expected that I would be happy in his company and he could help manage that situation.
To recover myself from that brooding, stressful condition I decided to move to my uncle’s. Without expecting any cart or taxi I walked past the nearby elephant school where there was no shouting from the mahouts then. The night seemed to be a peaceful one for even the elephants. The mining field was as silent as electricity in its cozy sleep. Totally absent minded, munching and crunching some English words in my Thai mouth I moved towards the highway. Getting into a bus I reached the city of Chiang Mai. The city somewhat seemed like a foreign country. The city is a famous tourist destination and it invites the attention of more than a million of tourists every year. I found the people from the Europe and America moving everywhere after their day’s visit. Speaking fast in his mother tongue, one man asked me something in English .I could not understand. I wanted to talk to him. I whispered something frantically. Raising his shoulders, with a small smile on his face he walked away with his girl friend.
With the heavy and packed traditional cultural background on my shoulder, watching the young man speaking and going with his girlfriend at night was pricking my heart. The matter of being in a totally different culture without knowing the language made me senseless. I sat down on the bank of the river Ping, a major tributary of Chao Phrange River. The river and her banks were silent .I got stiffened within. Without knowing that it was getting darker I dreamt of my future studies. Blinking my eyes at the questions from my tutor; showing all the reverence to all the people coming across and getting laughed at my Thai meekness and traditions; everything haunted me that night. I was alone lying on the river sand. The Thai traditions and my inefficiency to communicate in English in one side and my longing to study in the States on the other side everything made me alone in this world I felt that my parents, friends and everybody was leaving me alone. In that lonely night I felt that I was nowhere in this world but I was launched some where in to the space and I was alone there for hundreds of years.
The coming morning my relatives and parents were by me at the hospital .Then also I was not in a good condition to talk to them in detail what really went wrong the previous night. Even in the presence of all my people I felt that I was put alone in this universe. However, to be frank, this stressful situation made me a more powerful. The feeling that I had spent the whole night alone in the riverbank without thinking of the whereabouts made my mind a little bit courageous. Thus, I decided to accept the traditional differences and to enjoy the lifestyle of the people where I am sent. Sitting in the garden in the house I came to the point that I should acquire the language myself.