Discussed Bad Web Design – Essay Example

After visiting the website http www.webpagesthatsuck.com the paper will discuss two examples of website that implement poor web design. Both of these websites share qualities of poor web design. Both of these websites are entertaining (actually annoying) and serve no tangible purpose. Both of the websites employ graphical atrocities whereby the viewer must navigate away from the website in order to see clearly. In both of these websites, the home page is difficult to navigate and animations distract the viewer. Finally, the viewer cannot feel a sense of trust and they both use blinking, distracting text.
Home page is vague and the viewer has difficulty discerning the purpose of the company. A website with poor design such as http://www.historianofthefuture.com/ is difficult to navigate. The line spacing and font make it difficult to read the information. In addition, when I clicked on “future” this webpage is “under construction” and when I attempted to navigate back to the home page by clicking “mission” the webpage was static. I tried clicking other links but the only way to navigate back to the home page was to manually adjust the URL. A good website is easy to navigate and the viewer can quickly discern the purpose of the website. However, this website does not seem to a have clear purpose. Instead this website serves to entertain.
Another website that practices poor web design is http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/ for several reasons. This website is extremely harsh on the viewer’s eyes. The color graphics are annoying. The viewer is not positive about the main purpose of the website. The navigation links are too close together. The introduction page is quite strange. This page has audio file of rain and the image is of rain falling. The background image makes it nearly impossible to read the message. The message is unclear and the purpose is vague. This website seems to have no purpose other than to entertain.