Discussion Assignment – Essay Example

The advancing technology has greatly facilitated business processes across the globe. It has also become an intrinsic part of tacit knowledge for people that can be exploited for individual and professional gain. The plethora of information new technologies have unleashed, need to be judiciously used, so that knowledge management can actually become constructive paradigm for one and all. Indeed, the diversity in the area of knowledge is the most important beneficial aspect of it. Use of digital technologies like mobile phone, internet and computers etc. have greatly facilitated communication among various inter-related factors thus creating a wider database of new opportunities. It has provided common man with the most power tool to significantly impact the strategic decisions of the businesses and the government.
The major change required for its effective use is ensuring that information is not only synthesized but people must be encouraged to interpret the data or information to suit their individual/ organizational need rather them using as a source blindly. The major drawback of technology based knowledge is that its infinite sources can confuse people and sometime misguide them. The authorities must monitor the usage of knowledge in some predefined and predetermined manner so as to exert some sort of control over the society thus effectively putting a social construction on the knowledge or part of knowledge.
To tighten the control over explicit and implicit use of knowledge, I would promote institutionalization of knowledge. Institutionalization of knowledge in well defined categories like medicine, science and technology, history, geography, theology etc. became important arms of the knowledge base in the development process of the changing times. (words 268)
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