Discussion Questions-- Snap, Crackle, And All Bran; Kellogg Pops Out New Products – Essay Example

Why does Kellogg’s alter its products for different countries around the world? Consumer products in any country need to be consciously manufactured keeping in mind the needs of the local population in order to have a long-standing market value. Likewise Kellogg’s which was initially introduced as a cold and crispy breakfast did not go down well with people who preferred to have a hot and savory breakfast as when mixed with hot milk the cereal turned in to a mushy mix. Hence Kellogg’s changed its strategy to suit the tastes of the local population and introduced wheat and rice varieties which could be consumed with hot milk thus catering to the needs of its valued customers. Incorporating the tastes of local cuisine will definitely have a positive effect on the sales of consumer products.
Why do you think that many international consumers view Kellogg brands to be of local origin?
This could be mainly attributed to the visionary of its founder W. K. Kellogg due to which the product is being manufactured in 17 different countries and sold to more than 180 countries. This huge production base of the product in different countries has made people to accept it as a local produce and this definitely has contributed to increased sales in all the countries. Additionally the company has also kept up with the changing palate of the local people thus catering to their changing needs which has worked to the advantage of the company. Keeping in mind the current health focus of a region the company also introduces themed promotions and health challenges thus attracting more consumers which are also adapted by many countries if they match the needs of the local population.
Can you think of a Kelloggs product item that should have global appeal with almost no modification?
The original Kellogg corn flake which was the first product of the company is still a favorite product throughout the world with little modification. This product was manufactured for the entire population and not those who were on diet and hence its reach was and still continues to be overwhelming.