Discussion Questions-- Using Technology To Mine Customer Opinions – Essay Example

1. Based on the information given in the case I would be interested in working in a supermarket chain such as Wegmans. I typically would not like to work for supermarket because these are low paying jobs with minimum benefits. At Wegmans the company cares more for its employees than its customers which implies they are committed to improving the standard of living of its employees. The company offers a tremendous benefit package. The low employee turnover rate implies that the whole staff is happy about the working conditions at the supermarket. When people are not satisfied with their working conditions they usually leave. At Wegmans this is not occurring because the employees are happy at their workplace.
The reasons the employees at Wegmans are so happy is because the company appreciates them and treats them with respect. The fact that the employees receive benefits that can be compared with the benefits offered by a fortune 500 company also contributes to the employees’ happiness. The company empowers its employees to make their own decision without the need of asking permission from a supervisor. The company has a tremendous corporate culture that helps the employees enjoy their time at work.
The level of motivation at Wegmans is extremely high. The workers believe in the system and are motivated to excel at their workplace. The good salary and excellent benefit package is one of the reasons the employees are so motivated. Companies with that are customer centered sometimes forget that the employees are the ones that increase the level of customer satisfaction. At Wegmans the employees are the top priority which helps improve the motivation of the staff.