Discussion Questions-- Using Technology To Mine Customer Opinions – Essay Example

6 April Using Technology to Mine Opinions The reference starts off by saying that successful company marketers take the timeto study consumer buying behavior since this is a vital factor in predicting reaction to marketing campaigns (Using Technology). American companies spend billions of dollars each year on focus groups, product testing, interviews and surveys (Roos) -- these are just some of the ways technology can be utilized by Marketers in conducting their plans, to make them parallel with management’s aim of making the business more profitable. The more recent breakthrough cited by the reference material is making use of online focus groups to gauge consumer preference
2) The traditional focus group refers to a small group of people brought together in a room to discuss about products while other people from the company listened from another room (Using Technology). The large-scale online focus group is said to be more advantageous compared to the traditional one because of the greater diversity in opinion and ideas it offers. An online focus group has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some good points are: researcher can interact with participants and results are easier to understand; some drawbacks could be: group discussions can be difficult to steer and time can be wasted, and the sample size might not be representative of the larger population (Temkin).
3) Although the use of online focus groups is fast gaining popularity due to being more cost-effective, having a faster turn-around time and availability of more participants, traditional focus groups are still considered more favorable. Some possible biases to using online focus groups are: it is not suited to every kind of product in the market; the research results may be skewed to the internet-savvy; and respondents cannot interact on the non-verbal level unlike in the traditional set-up (Harrison).
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