Do You Agree With The Author That Formal Inspections Should Be Announced Why Or Why Not – Essay Example

Do you agree with the that formal inspections should be announced? Why or why not? It is true that within an aviation industry, formal inspections are very much the need of the hour. What this means is that formal inspections must be conducted so that any negligence that comes about is taken care of in a rigorous and harsh manner. This is important so that the lives and property of people could be saved in a proactive way. Nobody would like to devise such rules which would disallow inspections every now and then. The aviation industry depends a great deal on these inspections because these ensure that the laws are being followed regularly and that there are no hiccups in the wake of the promulgation of these very regulations and policies. I agree with the author because the aviation industry has been taken in a very staunch way by people left, right and center, and now is the time to set things right. The formal inspection procedures might be tough to understand for an airline company or even the entire aviation industry of a country, but it is in their best interest to implement them so that sanity could prevail within the related ranks (Author Unknown 2010). The evaluation for the aviation industry has to be done in a very proper way so that no problems come to the surface and that there are measures to support the formal inspections on and off. In fact it is in the best interest of all and sundry to have as many formal inspections as possible, from time to time, and without any notices whatsoever.
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