Does God Exist Philosophy – Essay Example

3 October, Does God exist? Yes, God does exist. “To the philosopher Aristotle this was the ultimate being.” (HaSechel, 2010). This is evident from the fact that nothing in this world is created by itself. For example, when we want to write, we require a pen. Where does that come from? That is purchased from book-shops in the market. Where do book-shops bring pens from? They bring them from the factory. How does factory acquire the pens? There are machines to make them. Where do machines comes from? They are made in industries. How do industries build machines? They use raw materials like steel, copper and other metals. Where do metals come from? They are extracted from Earth. Who made the Earth?
Now there can be two answers to this question, because we are sure man didn’t. the two options are as follows:
1. Nobody made the Earth.
2. Somebody made the Earth.
Now lets analyze the two options. If nobody made the Earth, then accordingly nobody made the metals, the machines, or the pens. However, that is not the case. We know people made pens in the factories using machines built by people in the industries, that in turn were made from raw metals extracted from the Earth by the people. But people never made Earth or the metals, yet we know nothing is made without a maker. So, somebody did make Earth and that is God. He is the ultimate being one can think of. “God is something that which nothing greater can be conceived.” (Anselm cited in, 2003).
Similarly, everything in this world has a life. We know what happens to things we make after they expire. But we don’t know what happens to things we did not make after they expire. This is what God knows and we don’t. According to Kant, morality is a proof of the existence of God. (Popkin, 2010).
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