Dont Need One – Essay Example

Answer The articles in section 6 of the book by Brettell and Sargent display common theme of ritual circumstances that provide opportunities for women to behave in ways that are opposite to their normal behavior. The worldview is defined as the perception of world within a defined and narrowed ambit of ideologies, beliefs and religious paradigm. Patriarchal society endorses male domination that cast women in the inferior roles and restricts their personal and social development to compete with their counterparts on equal terms. But at the same time, some of the rituals provide women with opportunities to show their feelings through rituals to defy their subjugation. The sexually explicit dancing and singing at funerals amongst the Giriama of Kenya is explained as distraction for ‘the bereaved family from pain’ is a fitting example (McIntosh, p413).
Answer 2
The rituals are a set of actions or religious practices that are defined by religion to interpret certain belief or events of life. Their significance primarily lies in the fact that they form linkages with the God to either ease the pain or as a blessing for making life better. In different religions across the globe, the various stages of life have different rituals associated with them. Each event of life like birth, death, marriage, old age, puberty etc. either becomes a celebration or case of grief, each having a set of defined ritual, specific to the religion. Thus, the rituals provide the genders with equality in front of God and many rituals depict actions of women that portray their resistance to subordination. As Kendal asserts in his article that ‘shaman mimics the manner of their (men) death’ (p432), the mimicry represents but an act of resistance against the male domination. Hence, ritualized behavior represents resistance to subordination. (296)
Brettell, Caroline B. and Sargent, Carolyn F. (2008). Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Prentice Hall.