Education And Sializaiton – Essay Example

Education and Socialization Education, from the social perspective, is the understanding of regulations or social norms and values. Education is theprocess of educating or teaching useful human characteristics to the people. People make use of those characteristics in order to become well-disciplined individuals of a society. Peacocks (2010) asserts, “Education gives people the knowledge and skills they require”. Education has a direct link with socialization. Socialization is the process of learning those values, behaviors, attitudes, and characteristics that are accepted by the people living in any specific society or culture. From an infant to an adult, every individual experiences a process of change, which is from a biological human being to social human being, and this process of change is based on the level of education of individuals living in any particular society. Generally, this process of change is called socialization. The main actors involved in the process of socialization are parents, education, religion, social networks or peer groups, and media. Education guides the individuals learn those characteristics and behaviors that are generally accepted by the society. The peak of socialization can be observed in such societies where individuals give top priority to the education. It is because education acts as the foundation for an ideal socialization. Without formal education, it is very difficult for the people to understand various positive and negative aspects of their society. Knowledge of all aspects of a society including society’s traditions and social norms and values is extremely important for all individuals of a society. People must adapt to the society’s culture and customs in order to become a cooperative and constructive part of their society.
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