Elevator Speech – Essay Example

Distance Learning The history and evolution of education has evolved from a curriculum comprising of a simple theoretical framework to the complex structure we have today. The development of technology opened a whole spectrum of information and educational opportunities which enhanced the capabilities of individuals and revolutionized the system of learning. By opening portals of information, the birth of distance learning was an inevitable repercussion of the internet age. Distance learning has been defined by Bennett (2003) as “any formal approach in learning in which the majority of instruction occurs while the instructor and the learners interact synchronously or asynchronously at a distance employing technology to facilitate the educational experience with learners”.
Through online education, the student gets the opportunity be a representative of an online discussion group, or a forum where communication could either be synchronous (attended by students at the same time) or asynchronous (attended by students according to their own schedule and geographic location).
The instructor usually post and receive academic requirements online using emails, forums, streaming video and audio, chat rooms which are mediums for instruction and feedback. Through threaded discussion, an asynchronous type, “a series of messages on a particular topic posted in a discussion forum” (eLearners, 2010), are used by students to “seek clarification for issues they encounter in their coursework, to discuss topics raised in class, or to initiate new discussions on related topics” (ibid.) Feedback mechanism is provided by the instructor as corrections in the form of comments or suggestions on any assignments, quizzes or exams given to the students. Distance learning gives one the flexibility of maximizing the benefits of earning a degree outside the confines of the traditional school environment.
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