Enclosed In Description – Essay Example

Alcoholism: Toward a Better Disease Model William Miller in his article Alcoholism: Toward a Better Disease Model gives an overview about alcoholism and provides information about the dispositional disease model. The article tells about alcoholism as a disease and how it should be handled. The article tells that alcoholism is a disease because it is associated with different physiological processes in the body because of which the person gets addicted to alcohol. The article further tells that if one has to recover from the problem of alcoholism then he has to accept four principles which revolve around the helplessness of the individual, the desire to change, the will to accept help and accepting that he is addicted to alcohol. The article further provides with information about alcohol which prove that it is a disorder which is associated with the physiological properties of life. All the factors which Miller discussed were of the dispositional disease model.
Further the article proves that the dispositional model has to have specific treatment methods. It tells that for the treatment of alcoholism high cost workers and equipments are required. The dispositional view put forward in the article is not adequate enough to address the problems of alcoholism in the society. The treatment methods and prevention methods are extremely limited hence it is said that a new model should be prepared which should address all the relevant problems of alcoholism.
If such a medical model is adopted it can provide with both benefits and problems. But mainly an individual would face problems when it comes to the adoption of this model. This dispositional model is related to physiological processes of the body and hence a treatment for such a problem would be difficult. Benefits of this medical model are limited. It would only give a certain edge to the health care professionals to cure alcoholism. The dispositional model can be cured properly only if the person accepts certain principles. If these principles are followed then the medical model can prove to be effective in curing the individual. We can continue to improve our conceptualizations by researching and making data about the problems faced by people. By researching we would be able to make up relations between certain stimuli and certain problems. In other words we would be able to know the causes of problems in people’s lives. Hence this could be used in treating people who are facing those problems. In other words we can remove the stimuli to treat these people and relieve them of their problems.