English Paper – Essay Example

Why I Choose To Be In W131 Online I believe the W131 es will prove to be very beneficial for me as this will help improve my overall writing skills. This class has a strong curriculum, which not only allows the students to participate and write, but also helps in making the overall experience fun and enjoyable. The W131 class focuses on improving the writing skills of the students and the classes have also been designed to make the learning process a fun and enjoyable one.
I have opted for the W131 online lessons as I love using technology for studies, and I believe that technology not only makes the topics more interesting but also makes the course more fun. Even as a child I have had a strong inclination towards technology and hence I am confident that the overall experience of using the online medium for the class will help making learning a very enjoyable experience and will also assist in better learning.
The W131 classes will prove to be very helpful as the curriculum requires us to continuously write a number of papers, which I believe will prove to be helpful in improving my communication and will also improve my writing skills to a great extent. On the whole I have taken this course as an opportunity to improve my overall writing and communicating style and to also to learn as much as I can from the course. I hope to use my interest in technology as my strength here and to improve my overall writing and communicating style. Hence I have chosen the W131 online course.